Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review of Liese Bubble Hair Colour

hi there~! Sorry for the late posting~!
I've been wanting to dye my hair since 3 weeks ago and wanted to try out the Liese Bubble Hair Colour as it seem so easy to use.

First step:
1) read the instructions or view youtube for how to use liese bubble hair colour
2) do the allergic/skin sensitive test (48 hours)
3) avoid dying hair when have sensitive scalp (dandruff, hair loss etch)and also during menstrual period (that's y took me 3 weeks to start dying my hair)
4) if your hair is long, thick and heavy, advised to buy 2 Liese Bubble Hair Colour (1 lighter tone + 1 colour that you want). I bought chiffon beige and sweet pink =D
5) wrap yourself with unwanted towel, prepare a tissue box next to you to wipe off the access at your face or ears.
6) wear gloves, and start with the first lighter tone colour.
7) do as per the video/instructions, mix the solution together and turn them upside down 5 times, gently squeeze the center of the bottle to dispense foam.
8)note that the foam should not be whilte, it must have some colour in it. My first attempt with chiffon beige was kinda disaster because it seems like i have put too much on my roots and only my roots was dyed. I can't even see any colour at my hair ends because i have not put enough foam (or properly mixed foam) and massaged thoroughly. Make sure there's no waste, if you have long hair, finish the bottle of foam. make funny foam monster >D
9) to avoid having only the roots dyed, make sure you massage your hair from roots to end for about 20 minutes.
10) after massaging for 20 minutes, leave in on for 30 minutes. rinse off.
11) wipe your hair dry, mix your second colour solution and apply from roots to ends.
12) continue 20 minutes massage and 30 minutes leave on.
13) rinse off, wash your
hair with hair colour protection shampoo and conditioner. There's also a packet of hair lotion to apply after hair wash, but i thought was a conditioner~~!! XP
14) wipe dry, comb through and blow dry
15) WALA~ Done~!

My before and after:

Liese Bubble Hair Colour is quite easy to use, and it's quite gentle to scalp, most importantly it's cheaper than going to the hair saloon.

However some down side is the uneven hair colour as a result of not massaging your hair evenly (but this can be fixed with an extra hand).

So far I'm quite excited with the result. Knowing the colour is only temporary, I bought VS Sasson Premium Color Care from Watson (cost around RM12 each) to protect the colour from fading. But I think it's definitely gonna fade sooner or later, that's y i chose sweet pink that can actually blend in with my own hair colour =)

For those who wanted to 'Dye it yourself' can buy this Liese Bubble hair Colour to try =) cost about RM65 x 2 =RM130 ; took me 3 hours more to do it at home.

Worth a try if you still haven't found a trusted hair saloon that will not always make ur purse bleed endlessly =D

xoxo michelle


  1. the pink is obvious anot? lolit wont uneven cos ur hair not fully dry yet hehe

  2. actually not's more like sweet red